Product Liability Cases

Product Liability litigation is complex and requires an experienced personal injury trial attorney

Attorney Raymond Bily's experience in products liability has resulted in obtaining millions of dollars for clients who have been injured or killed by dangerous and defective products. Product liability litigation is complex often requiring consultations with experts in engineering and other fields of study. When consumers buy or use a product, there is the reasonable expectation that it will function safely and not cause injury. Too many times, product manufacturers focus on maximizing profits over the safety of their product's users. Certain products may have design risks that that outweigh the benefits of using the product. Some products are dangerous and there are alternative safer designs that avoid causing injury.  If a company has made a defective unsafe product that injured you or a loved one, contact the Law Offices of Raymond M. Bily, Jr., for a free consultation today. We will work hard to seek the compensation you deserve.